Misty May & Kerri Walsh

Girls, these three time Olympic gold medal champs are the definition of girl power. We saw them in 2004, 2008, and now in 2012. They are the best in women’s beach volleyball and we know they’d kick the men’s ass in the sand. Watch and learn. We’re girls, we gossip. xo



Monday Movie of the Month

Girls, the first Monday of every month will be, “Monday Movie of the Month” day. We will pick the greatest chick flicks of all times. Comment below if you have any suggestions. Our first movie is obviously Mean Girls. This classic is at the heart of girl world. We’re girls, we’re gossip. xo

“Your mom’s chest hair.” — Janis
“That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets.” –Damian
” I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me… but I can’t help it that I’m so popular.” –Gretchen
“I can’t help it if I have a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina!” –Bethany
“Glenn Coco? FOUR for you, Glenn Coco! You go, Glenn Coco…. And none for Gretchen Wieners, bye.” –Damian

She’s just bein Miley

Girls, have you noticed Miley Cyrus’ rockin bod lately? If you haven’t, check her out… she looks hawt. She has been making some major appearance changes and who isn’t loving it? Her new blonde hairdo is surprisingly a great look for her. Her new bling on her left hand is gorgeous and her arm candy ain’t too shabby either. Miley has 15 tattoos (rumored 16) and we love her for being a badass chick with quite a few tats. Click here for a picture and description of each of her tattoos. She has really slimmed down and has been seen leaving yoga a lot lately. Good for her for staying healthy and hitting the gym. Miley has gone from Hannah Montana to being the future Mrs. Hemsworth. It’s hard to believe the young girl on Disney Channel is all grown up. She has had some crazy moments, but she’s growing up and that’s all part of it. She seems to have her head on straight now and is doing big things. We’re proud of her and wish her all the best in her exciting future! What do you think of Miley’s new look? We’re girls, we gossip.


Vamp Tramp aka Kristen Stewart

Girls, it is no secret that Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress. After seeing all of the Twilight movies, no one can honestly say, “Wow, K. Stew, you are a great actress.” She’s been team Edward both on and off the big screen for some time now. However, after four years, she is now apparently team Rupert. News recently broke that Kristen cheated on Rob with her Snow White And The Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. The famous vamp that has become wildly popular for some unknown reason is now a tramp. Not only was K. Stew in a committed relationship with Rob, Sanders is married with two children. For those of us girls who have never been impressed with Kristen, we are not surprised and really don’t feel bad for her. Rob on the other hand is a different story. Our hearts go out to him because he apparently was madly in love with her (why, we’ll never know). Moving vans were seen at the couples home and Rob apparently can’t get past the cheating. We don’t blame you Rob… stay stong. What are your thoughts? We’re girls, we gossip.

Is reality TV ruining relationships?

Girls, it was heartbreaking to wake up this morning to the news that Adrienne Maloof and husband, Paul Nassif, are separating. The couple, known for their quirky relationship on the reality show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has three sons together. It is not known if the couple has filed for divorce or will in the near future. It seems that no one in Hollywood can keep a relationship, let alone a marriage, together anymore. Adrienne and Paul are just one of many couples who live their life in front of the cameras. Is reality TV ruining relationships? A prime example is Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. We could talk about that fairytale disaster forever so we’ll save that for another day. A few other examples of reality couples ending in divorce are Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey (which we’re still not over), Kate & Jon Gosselin, The Count & Countess de Lesseps, Tamra & Simon Barney, Vicki & Donn Gunvalson, and Camille & Kelsey Grammer (also from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). The list goes on, but these are a few of the couples who got divorced after broadcasting their lives for the world to see. We are addicted to watching these shows and after a while these people become a part of our life. We laugh and cry with them. Sometimes they make us cringe, but in all honestly these shows are a guilty pleasure. When their marriages fall apart, we share in their sadness. On the other hand though, there are plenty of couples who survive living their lives in front of the camera. For example, Kendra & Hank Baskett, Kris & Bruce Jenner, Khloe & Lamar Odom, Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky, and Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy. Is there a secret that these couples have or are they doomed too? You weigh in! We’re girls, we gossip.


Who’s a better driver?

Girls, as much as we hate to admit it, boys are better drivers than us. This is a topic that is much debated and can get heated real quick. Although we are superior, boys just have a knack for driving. We’re at an unfair disadvantage here; I mean being naturally good at driving has to be in their DNA. When we’re driving, we are usually pre-occupied by other thoughts. Prime example, changing the music. Most of us girls are guilty of having music ADD. We need to sing our favorite part of a song and then change it to sing our favorite part of the next song. The rearview mirror is better for checking our hair, sunglasses & lip-gloss than it is for seeing what’s going on behind us. Let’s not even get started with using our phones while driving. We are clearly more popular than boys and need to be in the know at all times of what’s going in girl world. And if we have girlfriends in the car, forget it! We are too busy, chatting and using hand gestures to tell stories, to even focus on the road. It’s not our fault that we’re better multi-taskers than boys. And we when we multi-task in the car, clearly anything else we are doing takes precedence over driving. However, one aspect of driving we do prevail in is directions. We’re not shy about asking for them, unlike boys. Recently, a male friend mentioned that when giving directions, girls use landmarks and boys use street names. He thought that was stupid of girls. To him I ask, isn’t it easier to make a right at the mall than a right on Dreary Ln? We’re girls, we gossip.

What’s a girl?

Girl, the most fundamental word in your life if you are, well, a female. It is the core of our very being. The layers around our core are formed by the bonds that we share with our girlfriends, whether they are our mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece or friend. For most of us, our very first girlfriend is our mom. She is someone to look up to and learn from. She provides the most nurturing care and dresses us with outrageous style that we will more than likely look back on and cry about. If a girl is fortunate enough to have a sister and to be a sister, than they are better off in life. A sister is a different kind of girlfriend that is guaranteed to be your strongest friendship… eventually. Unlike the sisters God gave us, girlfriends are the sisters that we get to choose. Our friends are who we turn to when our family is driving us crazy. They understand us in a way that is different from our family. Some friends come and go, but our true girlfriends are our chosen sisters for life. Being a girl extends beyond our girlfriends though. We are by far the most complex beings to ever walk this earth. Boys string us along, mess with our heads, and break our hearts, but it is a girl’s mission in life to torment boys and make their lives a living hell. We’re good at it. All we have to do is throw on a LBD with a pair of heels and act untouchable. Being a girl does have its downside tough… our period, mood swings, emotions, childbirth, etc. However, girls bear these challenges because we are stronger and tougher than boys and they would never be able to handle any of the shit that we deal with. Face it… we are the superior beings.  We have to stick together. We’re girls, we gossip.