Girls, as much as we hate to admit it, boys are better drivers than us. This is a topic that is much debated and can get heated real quick. Although we are superior, boys just have a knack for driving. We’re at an unfair disadvantage here; I mean being naturally good at driving has to be in their DNA. When we’re driving, we are usually pre-occupied by other thoughts. Prime example, changing the music. Most of us girls are guilty of having music ADD. We need to sing our favorite part of a song and then change it to sing our favorite part of the next song. The rearview mirror is better for checking our hair, sunglasses & lip-gloss than it is for seeing what’s going on behind us. Let’s not even get started with using our phones while driving. We are clearly more popular than boys and need to be in the know at all times of what’s going in girl world. And if we have girlfriends in the car, forget it! We are too busy, chatting and using hand gestures to tell stories, to even focus on the road. It’s not our fault that we’re better multi-taskers than boys. And we when we multi-task in the car, clearly anything else we are doing takes precedence over driving. However, one aspect of driving we do prevail in is directions. We’re not shy about asking for them, unlike boys. Recently, a male friend mentioned that when giving directions, girls use landmarks and boys use street names. He thought that was stupid of girls. To him I ask, isn’t it easier to make a right at the mall than a right on Dreary Ln? We’re girls, we gossip.