Girls, it is no secret that Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress. After seeing all of the Twilight movies, no one can honestly say, “Wow, K. Stew, you are a great actress.” She’s been team Edward both on and off the big screen for some time now. However, after four years, she is now apparently team Rupert. News recently broke that Kristen cheated on Rob with her Snow White And The Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. The famous vamp that has become wildly popular for some unknown reason is now a tramp. Not only was K. Stew in a committed relationship with Rob, Sanders is married with two children. For those of us girls who have never been impressed with Kristen, we are not surprised and really don’t feel bad for her. Rob on the other hand is a different story. Our hearts go out to him because he apparently was madly in love with her (why, we’ll never know). Moving vans were seen at the couples home and Rob apparently can’t get past the cheating. We don’t blame you Rob… stay stong. What are your thoughts? We’re girls, we gossip.