Girls, have you noticed Miley Cyrus’ rockin bod lately? If you haven’t, check her out… she looks hawt. She has been making some major appearance changes and who isn’t loving it? Her new blonde hairdo is surprisingly a great look for her. Her new bling on her left hand is gorgeous and her arm candy ain’t too shabby either. Miley has 15 tattoos (rumored 16) and we love her for being a badass chick with quite a few tats. Click here for a picture and description of each of her tattoos. She has really slimmed down and has been seen leaving yoga a lot lately. Good for her for staying healthy and hitting the gym. Miley has gone from Hannah Montana to being the future Mrs. Hemsworth. It’s hard to believe the young girl on Disney Channel is all grown up. She has had some crazy moments, but she’s growing up and that’s all part of it. She seems to have her head on straight now and is doing big things. We’re proud of her and wish her all the best in her exciting future! What do you think of Miley’s new look? We’re girls, we gossip.