Girl, the most fundamental word in your life if you are, well, a female. It is the core of our very being. The layers around our core are formed by the bonds that we share with our girlfriends, whether they are our mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece or friend. For most of us, our very first girlfriend is our mom. She is someone to look up to and learn from. She provides the most nurturing care and dresses us with outrageous style that we will more than likely look back on and cry about. If a girl is fortunate enough to have a sister and to be a sister, than they are better off in life. A sister is a different kind of girlfriend that is guaranteed to be your strongest friendship… eventually. Unlike the sisters God gave us, girlfriends are the sisters that we get to choose. Our friends are who we turn to when our family is driving us crazy. They understand us in a way that is different from our family. Some friends come and go, but our true girlfriends are our chosen sisters for life. Being a girl extends beyond our girlfriends though. We are by far the most complex beings to ever walk this earth. Boys string us along, mess with our heads, and break our hearts, but it is a girl’s mission in life to torment boys and make their lives a living hell. We’re good at it. All we have to do is throw on a LBD with a pair of heels and act untouchable. Being a girl does have its downside tough… our period, mood swings, emotions, childbirth, etc. However, girls bear these challenges because we are stronger and tougher than boys and they would never be able to handle any of the shit that we deal with. Face it… we are the superior beings.  We have to stick together. We’re girls, we gossip.